A Quick Guide to C Programming Language

If you don’t know much about C Programming Language and you are searching for it then you are on a right place.

C Programming Language is also know as the mother of Programming Languages because it is a quite old Programming Language.

Yet C Programming Language is very old but it is quite Popular in today’s world also. Almost Every student starts their Coding Journey with this language.

History of C Programming Language

Before learning any language one question is always comes in every student’s mind is that why this language was developed and the history behind the language.

So, C Programming Language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 who was working in Bell Labs.

C Language was not developed for Coding Purpose initially. Rather C Language was developed to design the Unix Operating System which was the nascent Operating System of that time.

Syntax of C Programming Language

As far as syntax of C Programming Language is concerned then this is quite simple and very easy to understand. This is the main reason that many programmers choose C as their first Programming Language.

Here is the Basic code for Hello World !!

#include<stdio.h>    //Header File

int main()
   printf("Hello World !!");   // Function to print the Output
   return 0;

Features of C Programming Language

C language has many features but if we specifically talk about the main features those are as follows :

Low Level Language

This is the main advantage of using C Programming. C Language is considered to be a Low Level Language because it is very close to hardware.

Fast Execution of Code

As C Language is very near to hardware thats why the execution of code is done very fast in this Language.

Memory Management

C Provides a concept of Dynamic Memory Allocation by which we can optimize the uses of Memory.

Features of C Language

As far as feature of C Programming language is considered then there are many features of this language. Here are some of the main features of this language :

  • C Programming Language is used in developing some popular Operating Systems such as UNIX, LINUX.
  • C Programming is also used in developing some popular databases such as Oracle Database, MySQL.
  • Many language’s Compilers such as Python, Java are developed in C Language.

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