Why Python is so Popular|Advantages and Applications of Python

You might have heard about Python. But have you ever imagined the applications of Python. There are many uses and benefits of learning Python. But in this blog i will specifically talk about major applications of Python.

Since 2017 there is a huge increment in the developers of Python. So what is that makes Python so special so that in a span of only 3 years there is such huge increment in the number of developers of Python.

First let me talk about what is Python. So just like another object oriented programming language. Python is also a Object Oriented Programming Language. But there is one difference between other programming languages like C++, Java and Python.

So, difference is that Python is a High-Level or Machine Level Programming Language while others are low level or mid level Programming language.

Benefits of Learning of Python

There could be lot of benefits of Learning Python. But in this blog i would mainly focus on the most important ones. So, here are the following benefits.

Easy to Learn

Now, many of you think that the python is a machine level language so it’s pretty difficult to learn python. So let me tell that this is a complete myth.

You can easily learn Python just like other programming languages like C, C++, Java. It will very easy if you already know any programming. Then learning Python will be cake walk for you.

Online Sources for Learning Python

This is the most important benefit of Learning Python. As Python is quite Popular Programming Language. So, you can lot online sources for learning.

Also if you have any doubt then you can search for you query on internet. There are high chances that it would be on the internet already. As there are 7 million active users of Python.

Demand for Python Developers in Companies

According to top job web Portals indeed.com there is a huge increment in the number of Python Developers in the IT industry since 2014.

Now, you do math that how the demand for Python Developers are increasing in the IT industry. So, if you know python there are high chances you could be shortlisted for a post in IT Companies.

Applications of Python

Many of you already know about the applications of Python. There could be lot of applications of Python like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, Game development.

But i will specifically mention some of them in this blog. Here are the following applications :

In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

So, if you are person who want to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning then you must know Python.

Python is the first step towards Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Or it can also be said that Python is the Building Block of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In Web Development

You can learn web development without learning python but If you want to become a professional web Developer. Then Python will help you in becoming that.

In Python there are hundreds of frameworks and libraries which are very beneficial in web development. Many companies today which hires web developer demands for python. In python you can do front end as well as backend.

In Game Development

So, if you want to become a Game developer then Python will be a good Option for you. There could be many programming languages for Game Development. But it will easy for you if you learn Python because of their libraries and frameworks.

So, the final conclusion is that Python is very beneficial Programming Language. And should know python if want to excel in the field of computing.

And it is must to know if want to make a career in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

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