C++ vs Python|A Detailed Comparison

This question arises in every student’s mind when are they are starting to learn a coding language if it’s between these two.

So, if you are one of them then this blog is for you. In this blog you will get to know about all the comparisons like applications of both languages.

Both the languages are quite popular worldwide. Python is known for its huge number of applications in various fields like AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision etc., while C++ has a key role in developing Operating Systems and in game development also.

What is C++

As many of you already might know about C++. C++ is nothing but a object oriented programming language. As from the it is very much clear that C++ is the upgraded version C Programming Language.

What is Python

Python is also a object oriented programming language but it is a machine level language. Python has vast number of applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc.,

Which is faster Python or C++

As we know that C++ is mid level language and so eventually C++ is faster when compared to Machine Level Languages like Python.

If you write some basic codes like addition of two numbers or something like that then you will not find any major difference between the speed of these two languages.

But if we talk about the codes which involves many loops and lines then C++ is quite faster than Python then there will be no comparison between these two languages.

Conclusion: C++ is faster than Python.

Key Differences Between C++ and Python

C++ is a Mid Level Language.Python is a high Level Language.
C++ is faster than Python.Python is slower in comparison to C++.
C++ is used in making games and also in developing Operating Systems(OS).Python is used in Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Machine Learning.
In C++ we need to include header files.In Python we don’t need to include header files.
In C++ braces are used to bifurcate the statements.In Python Indentation is used in place of braces to bifurcate statements.


So, the final conclusion is that C++ is quite faster than Python when it comes to execution of code. But both languages have their own benefits.

If you want to do Coding or Competitive Programming then C++ will be better option as compared to Python.

And If you want to Learn technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence then Python becomes a mandatory language.

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