What is Memory in Computer|Types of Memory in Computer

You must have heard about human brain’s memory. Just like humans have Memory to store information in their brain. Computers also have Memory to store information. And when you search for any file in computer or in your mobile phone it will return the file to you from its memory.

Memory in Computer has also the same use as that of human brain’s memory i.e, to store the information.

There are many types of memories in computer and each memory has their own use.

Computer Memory are mainly of three types

  • Primary Memory
  • Secondary Memory
  • Cache Memory

Primary Memory

Primary Memory is also know as the main Memory of the Computer. So, now you must wonder about the use of this memory.

So, this type of Memory comes into use only when a file or program is currently running in a computer or in a mobile phone or in any other Electronic Device.

And when this program or file is closed the data is erased from the Memory.

Let us understand this by an example when you run a program or code into your computer a part of your computer’s memory is allotted to this program and when this program ends the data of your code is also lost from your computer.

So primary memory is used for storing data temporarily.

Primary are further are of two types :

  • RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • ROM(Read Only Memory)

Secondary Memory

This the second type of memory. These type of Memories are used for storing data and information permanently. These type of memories are also known as External Memory.

The information inside these Memories are not directly accessed by CPU rather these informations are accessed via I/O(input-output) Method.

These type of memories are basically slower than Main Memory. Examples of these type of Memories are CD, DVD etc.,

Cache Memory

This is the last type of Computer Memory. Cache is fastest of all three types of memory. It can boosts the speed of CPU.

Cache Memory is basically to store the data and the information of most frequently used applications.

Cache Memory is Considered to be the fastest of all the three types of Memories. Cache memory also stores data for a fixed period of time i.e, not permanent.

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