What is Computer Vision|Full Detailed Explanation

If you know about Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning then you must have heard the term “Computer Vision” somewhere.

Computer Vision is the technology which is very much important due to its vast variety of applications.

So, if you want to know everything about computer vision like what is computer vision, applications of computer vision, how computer vision works. Then you are on a right page. And I will recommend you to read whole blog to understand.

Computer Vision

Just like humans have Eyes to visualize everything around us and a brain to understand what exactly that thing is.

“Computer Vision is a technology which helps machines and robots to visualize and understand the things around us like Cars, Bikes, Table“.

Let’s understand this by an example, when you see a Car you know its a Car and what is the use of car because your brain has already sufficient information about the car.

But when a machine see that car for the first time, machine would not know about it. So, for that we need computer vision which helps machines to tackle this kind of problems.

So, as humans have eyes to visualize so in same way machines need a camera for their vision. So, we can say that the machines having camera can understand things by using Deep Learning as their brain.

Applications of Computer Vision

There could be lot many applications of Computer Vision. But i have pointed important of them. Computer vision can be used in –

  • Navigation in Automatic Vehicles and Robots
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Reading Text
  • Extracting Text
  • Recognition of Objects
  • Surveillance for Security Camera
  • Face Recognition

How Computer Vision Works

Computer Vision works just like human vision. Like in human vision we first see a object then brain sends information about that object if brain have any information about that object.

If brain doesn’t finds anything about that object then brains stores information about that object. So, that the next time when you see that object then your brain will know about that object.

I hope you found this blog helpful and you have understood what is Computer Vision, Applications of Computer Vision and How Computer Vision Works.

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