How to learn Java|Step by step Guide for Beginners

If you are beginner and want to learn java or you want to know some basics of java but you didn’t know how to start or where should i get the right way to study java then you are on a right page.

In this blog we will discuss all basics things about java such what is java, what is java virtual machine, what java is used for and also the roadmap to learn java in a better way.

So, before start learning anything we have to know about it and the history of it.

What is Java

Java is basically a object oriented programming language which was developed by James Gosling and his team in 1995.

You might not know that initial name of it was not Java rather it was named as “Oak” on the name of a tree. Java was basically developed for television communication. Today java is known for its programming purposes.

What is Java Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine better known as JVM is a virtual machine which allows coders or programmers to run their Java code. You can also say that it is a compiler of Java.

What Java is Used for

If we talk about the applications and uses of java then there are huge number of applications. Today Java is used in Developing Apps, in Web Development, in networking devices.

Roadmap to learn Java

There are certain topics in java which you should learn first to have a better understanding of Other complex topics such as Data Structures and Algorithms. Here is the Priority list of topics :

  • DataTypes : Whether it is Java, C, C++, Python or any other programming language this topic remains same for all the languages. DataTypes includes int, short, char, long long int, double.
  • Flow Control : Flow Controls are basically statements which are used when you have conditions thats these are also know as Conditional Statements. These statements includes if, if-else, if-else if, if-else if-else.
  • Loops : Loops are basically used when you have large amount of data and you have to do some operations on it. For Example you have to print numbers from 1 to 100 then need the help of loops.
  • Methods/Functions : After learning loops and flow controls the next basic and important topic is Methods also known as functions. Functions basically have void, int, string, bool etc., as their return types.

So, this is complete roadmap of java. I hope you have found this blog helpful. Then please share this blog with your friends also.

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