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So, if you are a absolute beginner and want to start learning python but don’t know how to start it or how to learn python, then you are on a right place. This blog will guide you for learning Python.

Today in this computer generation world Python is quite popular programming language among the developers worldwide. Today many students want to learn python due its popularity and requirements in the Information Technology Sector.

But anything is popular among the people only when it has some extraordinary features or applications. Python have a hell lot applications in today’s world. In today’s world python is used in Artificial Intelligence, Web Development.

There are many benefits of learning python. After learning python you can learn many in demand technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things(IoT), Computer Vision, Deep Learning.

So, before learning python let’s know that what is python? So, “Python was developed by Guido van Rossum is a high level language or sometimes also called as Machine level language which is used to talk to the machines and robots”.

Features of Python

As we already know that Python is a very Programming language in today’s world. But anything doesn’t become popular without any reason. There are must be some reasons for that. So, here are the main features of Python are as follows:

Easy Syntax

There are many programming languages out there which has a very complicated syntax but this is not the case with Python. Python has a very simple syntax so that you will understand it very easily.


This is the another main feature of Python. Portability means suppose you write a code on one machine and now you want to run it on another machine which you can do it in python.

Open Source Language

This is also one of the features of Python. Python is a open source language that means you can learn it for free, you don’t need to pay for that.


This is the main advantage of python. You can interpret every line of code in python which makes it easy for CPU to manage memory.

Python Learning Roadmap

Now, this is main part of this blog where i have mentioned what you should study first.

  • Learn DataTypes : This is the first thing that you should learn in Pythons. DataTypes are one basics of any programming language. DataTypes includes int, char, float, short etc.,
  • Learn Conditional Statements : Conditional statements are basically used when you want print or store value based on certain conditions. Conditional statements includes if, if-else, if-else if etc.,
  • Learn Loops : Loops are used when you have to traverse or to print a large array or string. Loops includes for loop, while loop, do-while loop.
  • Learn Methods/Functions : Methods or Functions are used when you have to use a certain code for many times and you don’t write it again and again. Methods have many return types such as int, char, string, double etc.,
  • Learn Data Structures & Algorithms : After finishing the basics of Python programming language such as datatypes, methods, loops, conditional statements you next focus should be on Learning Data Structures and Algorithms. Learning Data Structure and Algorithm is not that easy. You need a lot of focus and concentration and most importantly consistency is required.


So, the final conclusion is that if you are willing to put a lot of dedication and working on it regularly then you can learn it very well.

The most difficult part is Data Structures and Algorithms which requires a lot of time and dedication but if you will work on it regularly then you can do it.

Thats all thank you for reading this blog if you have any query or suggestion you can post it in comment section.

FAQs Regarding Python

Q.1 Python is written in which Language?

A.1 Python is written in C Language.

Q.2 Python 3.0 is released in which year?

A.2 Python 3.0 is released in 2008.

Q.3 Python was developed in which year?

A.3 Python was developed in 1991.

Q.4 Which language is predecessor of Python?

A.4 ABC language is the predecessor of Python.

Q.5 Python was developed by?

A.5 Python was developed by Guido van Rossum.

Q.6 What is the extension of python file

A.6 .py is the extension of Python file.

Q.7 What are the basics of Python?

A.7 Basics of Python includes datatypes, loops, methods, flow control, file handling, arrays, strings.

Q.8 What is the purpose of python?

A.8 Python is used in Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Q.9 What can i do after learning python?

A.9 After learning python you can learn many things such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning.

Q.10 Python 3.9 Release Date?

A.10 October 2020

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