What is Image Processing|Digital Image Processing

If you are curious about to know what is image processing. Then you are on a right page in this blog you will get to know about image processing and digital image processing.

To understand what is image processing let us first understand what is an image. Now, you think image is just a photo but its not true.

Images are mainly are of two types:

  1. Analog Image
  2. Digital Image

What is Digital Image ?

In this blog we will mainly focus on Digital Image that is what our main target. So, Digital Image is nothing but the Collection of Pixels. If you zoom in a Photo in your computer or laptop then you must see the dots. These dots are nothing but the Pixels.

If you don’t know what is pixel then let me tell you pixels are smallest possible particles or points which makes the whole picture or screen.

Image Processing

Image processing is nothing but the process which takes place after capturing the picture. It involves three steps process:

  • Capture
  • Process
  • Display

Today image processing is used in almost every mobile phone cameras. There are lots of image processing softwares out there you can use to improve your picture quality.

Today we live in an era where not only you can improve your photo but you can change it from Black and White to Coloured image or coloured to black and white.

Uses of Image Processing

Today image processing is not only used to improve the picture quality of your photo but it is used in various things such when you convert a image from jpg to jpeg then this is also a type of image processing. I have pointed out some of important uses of image processing:

  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Converting a image from one extension to another extension (for ex. from jpg to jpeg)
  • Digital Signature
  • Biometric System
  • Creating a pdf from images

Types of Digital Image

There are basically Four types of Digital Images Possible and those are as follows:

  • Binary Image
  • Black and White Image
  • 8 bit Color Format
  • 16 bit Color Format

Further 16 bit Color Format can be divide in to three possible categories namely Red, Green, Blue commonly known an RGB.

Now, i hope you have enjoyed this blog and at the same time you may have learned from this blog as much as possible.

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