How to Start Coding | Roadmap to become a pro Coder

As technology advances, the requirement for coders or programmers is continuously increasing day by day in the IT industry. So it is very important that one should be well prepared as far as coding is concerned.

There are many students who actually don’t know the correct way of studying Coding. If you are confused about the how to start coding and don’t know much about coding.

Then you are on a right page, in this blog you will get know everything about Coding which you should know to become a pro Coder.

Remember there is no shortcut for this. You have to work hard Everyday. In this blog i will only be telling you about the Roadmap for Coding.


There are certain points in this Roadmap on which you should focus on to excel in this field.

Choose a Right Language

This is a very important point on which you should focus before starting coding. There are many languages available but choosing a right language is very important.

But there are certain popular languages specially for coding. So here are some important languages as far as Coding is concerned.

  • C++ : C++ is the extended version of C Programming language. C++ is a very popular programming language from a long time specially when Competitive Coding is concerned. Around 85% Competitive Coders uses this language for Coding.
    • Some Important features of C++ :
      • STL(Standard Template Library) is the most important feature of C++ which is missing in C. STL contains large number of Functions such as vectors, sets, maps which are very useful in competitive coding.
      • C++ has very simple programming syntax which is very easy to understand.
      • As C++ is a Low Level language, therefore it is very fast, takes very less time to execute the code compared to other programming languages like Python and Java.
  • JAVA : Java is also a widely used programming language. Java has a large community of developers. So, if face any problem in this language. You can ask it, you will definitely get an answer.
    • Important Features of Java :
      • Just like C++ has STL, Java has Collections which is very helpful in solving various complex coding problems. Java Collections includes ArrayList, LinkedList, HashMap etc.,
      • Java can also be used in Android App Development which is the main advantage of learning this language.
  • Python : As far as Competitive Programming is concerned Python is not generally useful because it takes a lot of time in executing the program as compared to C++ and Java. But yet it is used in Competitive Programming also. So, if you want to learn this language this language it’s up to you.
    • Features of Python :
      • Python has vast variety of applications which includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development etc.,
      • Python has Various Frameworks like Django which are very much helpful in web development.

Learn Data Structures & Algorithms(DSA)

The second thing you should learn after learning a Language is Data Structures & Algorithm. This is the point from where real coding starts.

Data Structures and Algorithms are something that are hard to understand. You have to be very focused and consistent to master this topic because mastering this topic means that you have became a pro coder.

Some topics of Data Structures includes :

  • Array
  • String
  • Stack
  • Linked List
  • Tree
  • Graph


So, the final conclusion is that in order to become good at coding you need to be very consistent and focused.

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