What is 301 Redirect|Full Detailed Explanation

So, if you are searching for what is 301 redirect on google then you are on a right page. 301 Redirect is a very important term in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

In this blog we will discuss what is 301 redirect, what is 302 redirect and what is the difference between 301 redirect and 302 redirect .

So, before knowing what is 301 Redirect and 302 redirect lets first discuss what is redirect.

What is Redirect?

Redirect is nothing but sending users and search engine crawlers from one URL to another URL.

Types of Redirect

There are basically two types of redirect.

  • 301 Redirect
  • 302 redirect

What is 301 Redirect?

Suppose you made a web page and created backlinks for that page and do SEO to rank that page but later you want to shift the URL of that webpage to another URL permanently.Then in this case 301 redirect is very helpful for you.

301 Redirect is redirection of one URL to another URL permanently. The main advantage of 301 Redirect is that In 301 Redirect you will not loose all your backlinks which you have created on your previous webpage.

301 Redirect is used when you have to change the url of your current webpage to another webpage permanently and you don’t want to loose your backlinks.

Suppose when you created a website you forget to buy a SSL for your site and now you want have a SSL on your site. Then in this case 301 Redirect is very helpful because you want move your site from http to https.

What is 302 Redirect?

302 Redirect is nothing but the redirection of a URL to another URL temporarily. 302 Redirect is comes into use when you want to move your current webpage’s content to another webpage for a short period of time.

302 Redirect is very useful when you want to change something on your site so in this case you don’t want that your users visit your website for that time.

Difference Between 301 Redirect and 302 Redirect

301 Redirect302 Redirect
301 Redirect is Permanent.302 Redirect is temporary.
301 is used when you want to transfer content of one webpage to another webpage permanently.302 Redirect is used when you want to transfer the content of one webpage to another webpage temporarily.
In 301 Redirect you don’t loose all your backlinks.Since it is temporary. So, there is no case like 301 Redirect.

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