What is 3D Printing Technology|How 3D Printing works|History of 3D Printing

You must have seen 2D printing and must have seen 2D printers everywhere in day-to-day life. 2D printer is used in printing normal papers or photographs like, exam papers, newspapers, magzines.

2D printing can be done normal printers. But 3D printing is an advanced technology that can print print real objects like houses. With the help of 3D printing you can print anything which you can imagine.

So, if you want to know everything about 3D printing like what is 3D printing, how it works, history of 3D printing then i recommend you read this whole blog thoroughly. After reading this blog i am pretty much sure that you would understand.

What is 3D Printing Technology?

3D Printing is also known as Additive Manufacturing. It is a process by which three dimensional objects like houses, toys, statues are printed with the help of a digital file.

The process which is used to create a three dimensional printed object is known as Additive Process. In this process material is put layer by layer in a successive manner until the object gets created. In this process you can see each thin layer.

3D printing provides us with functionality that we can create even very complex structures very easily which is almost impossible in a traditional way of making houses and objects.

History of 3D Printing

If you see the history of Manufacturing then in the starting phase Subtractive Methods of Manufacturing like filing, turning, milling, grinding came in to use first.

But due to advancement in technologies additive methods came in to use more frequently. There was a time in manufacturing Industry when only subtractive methods were used, but today additive methods replaces the subtractive methods.

How Does 3D Printing Works?

3D Printing starts from your Computer when you creates a 3D Model in to computer system. In computer this file is in the form of CAD(Computer Aided Design).

Further working of 3D printing involves many steps like 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling Software, Slicing.

3D Scanning

The first step of whole process of 3D Printing is 3D Scanning. In this process a real world object or environment is analyzed to collect some data like what is the shape and appearance of that object.

And later based on these collected datas a 3D Model is created.

3D Modelling Software

In 3D Computer graphics 3D Modelling is a process in which a object’s surface mathematical representation is drawn in 3D with the help of specialized softwares.

In this whole process the object which gets created is called as 3D Model. And the persons which works on these 3D Models are known as 3D artists.

3D Modelling Software is always made by kept user industry in mind. These industries are Aerospace, Transportation, Furniture Designs, Fabrics.

Slicing(3D Printer from 3D Model)

In this process we have slice a 3D Model to make it 3D printable. Meaning of Slicing is to divide 3D Model into hundreds and thousands of horizontal Layers. To do Slicing of a 3D Model a Slicing Software is used.

Advantage of 3D Printing

As far as advantages of 3D Printing are considered there are many. So, when there is no technology is available to us like 3D Printing.

Then for making houses we need a blue print of the house, some materials like bricks, cement for the building purpose of the house.

And after that there is lot of time needed to build the complete house. This is very long and hectic process to build the houses.

But in 3D printing we don’t need this much time to build the houses. So, this is the main advantage of the 3d Printing.

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