What is Computer and Evolution of Computers

Today’s era is of technology. So, Computer plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. Basically Computer becomes a part of our life.

Computer is an electronic device which is used to perform logical and mathematical operations. Today Computer is available in various forms such as Desktop, Laptop, tablets.

History of Computers

Computer is not a new term. It is known from a very long time. Till there are many types of computers we have seen.

So here is the list of all the computers we have seen in the history till now,

  • Abacus
  • Napier’s Bones
  • Leibniz Machine
  • Jacquard’s loom
  • Difference Engine
  • Analytical Engine
  • Tabulating Machine

Generations of Computers

Present days computers are the result of changes that took place in past. So basically we can categorize all the computers in to five generations.

First Generation Computers

This is the first generation of computers. The main features of first generation computers are as follows:

  • These Computers used vacuum tubes.
  • These Computers are very huge in size, they are as big they can take the entire room.
  • Computers of this generation took lot of Electricity.
  • Also the computers of this Generation are very costly.

Examples of this generations computers are ENIAC, EDVAC and UNIVAC I.

Second Generation Computers

The second generation of computers is from 1956 to 1963. The main features of this generation’s computers are as follows:

  • In this Generation of computers they used Transistors in place of Vacuum tubes.
  • Computers of this generation were very small, cheaper and were faster as compared to first generation computers.

Some Examples of this generations computers are IBM 700, ATLAS, MARK III.

Third Generation Computers

The third generation computers are considered from 1964 to 1971. The salient features of computers in this generation.

  • In this generation of computers they used ICs(Integrated Circuits) are also called as chips.
  • In this generation of computers they used keyboard and mouse to communicate.
  • Computers of this generation are faster and more efficient than second generation’s computers.

Computers of this generation includes IBM System/360, IBM 1130, UNIVAC 1107.

Fourth Generation Computers

The era of this generation’s computers is from 1971 to present. The important feature of this generation’s computers are as follows:

  • They used VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration).
  • They used Microprocessors.
  • They are more efficient and reliable.

Computer of this generation’s include DEC 10, IBM PCs, APPLE MACINTOSH.

Fifth Generation Computers

This is future generation of computers. The main features of this generation’s computer are as follows:

  • They are based on AI(Artificial Intelligence) which gives thinking power to the computers.
  • They also take audio commands i.e, voice recognition.
  • The aim of fifth generation computers is to be able to solve highly complex problems which includes decision making and logical reasoning.

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