What is Data Science | Role of Data Scientists | Skills Required to become a Data Scientist

What is Data Science ?

Data Science is nothing but the decision making on the basis of some analysed data. Let’s understand this by an example, Suppose you have data of a cricket batsman.

It includes data like which type of balls he likes to play, at which type balls he got out. And after analysing this data the batsman takes decision which balls he has to skip, and at which ball he has to hit.

Who is Data Scientist and Job of a Data Scientist

Many People wants to know what is job of the data Scientist and why Data Scientists are crucial for a company. As i have explained what is data science by taking an example of cricketer.

The job of Data Scientist is to collect data and then to analyse the data. And based on this analysed data he takes some decision for the betterment.

In today’s world the demand for the Data Scientists increasing very rapidly. And also this is one of the highest paying job of 21st century. Thats why many people wants to become a data Scientist. And there is so much craze about Data Scientist.

Now, almost in every domain we need a data scientist because every domain has some Data. And to analyse that Data we need a Data Scientist.

There are many big e-Commerce Platforms. So, have you ever imagine how they manage to grow their business at very high rate in last few years. One of the factors which is responsible for this growth is Data Science.

Now, you might think how data Science is responsible for their growth.Well, Let me explain you.

You might have observed that every time when you open the app, they show you some recommended products, and there is high chance that you might like those products.

So, this is done by analysing the data and based on that data, they did manage to show you these recommended products. Let say you have searched for some products on some e-Commerce Platforms.

So, next time when you open the app they will show you the same and some related products.

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Data Science

If you are from a technical or engineering background you will definitely have heard about these two terms. Also if you are not from a technical background then also there are high chances that you might have heard about these terms.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in almost every sector in today’s world. So, what is role of AI and Machine Learning in Data Science.

Well, Let me explain you. Suppose you have a small amount of data then you can analyse it on your own. You didn’t need a software for that.

And if you have some big amount of data for that you would need a software like Excel or something else. But now suppose if you want to analyse the data of big company.

Then you cannot this by using a software and thats where the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning comes into the picture.

So, in this case a Data Scientist take the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyse the data and may take decision based on that data.

Skills Required to become a Data Scientist

To become a data scientist you need a lot of skills. So, it is very crucial to know the right skills required to become a perfect a data Scientist. These skills are mainly categorized into two parts namely technical and non-technical skills.

Technical Skills

  • Python Programming language
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Unstructured Data
  • SQL Database/Coding
  • Apache Spark
  • Hadoop Platform

Non-technical Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Teamwork
  • Intellectual Curiosity

Now, i hope you have understood what is Data Science, What is role of Data Scientist, How to become a data Scientist.

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